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Kesh Kuber Hair Oil

Kesh Kuber Hair Oil claims to heal and repair the damaged cells in your scalp to improve follicle health and aid faster hair growth. It fights several hair damaging issues such as stress, pollution, bad diet, water salinity, scalp dryness, sweat allergies, dead skin, and dandruff. Regular use improves the thickness of your hair by nourishing and maintaining the protein levels in your hair roots.

Kesh kuber hair oil is an uniquely formulated Ayurvedic hair oil in India. It is an wonderful blend of 36 ayurvedic ingredients. Keshraj, kalongi, Amla,bhringaraj ,shikakai which prevents baldness hair loss and helps grow new hair Made in India ISO & GMP satisfied Manufacturing certified brand.

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Ayurvedic products that obtain GMP certificates always gives better results. We have tied up with Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) & ISO certified manufacturer only. The product is also fully tested and verified for results.10 Year old firm working in hair oil.


100% Ayurvedic & Handmade

This oil is made absolutely ayurvedic and has no reactions. Made in India. Mix of 36 amazing herbs which is basic for new hair growth. This oil contains no synthetic concoctions. With a group of 9 working individuals, oil is set up on an everyday reason for shipments.


Returning Customers

We are proud to cross more than Fifty Thousand of regular customers who are using Kesh Kuber Hair Oil. We have customers from INDIA and Other Country.


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Our Testimonials

  • Wow. What a magic. I have purchased this oil after reading the reviews. Its really working especially Hair fall stopped in 3 days and even no dandruff. Its been 8 days and also my hair looking blackish.

  • Used oil for over a month , But still hair fall continuing only during application of hair oil.. Despite this my hair roots are getting stronger…..i ll keep continuing till hair fall stops.

    Priya Tomar
  • I am using this hair oil since last 1 month. But while applying this oil I removed my hair 4-5 times (every week) for effective result. Now new hairs are growing at the patches where no hair was earlier. They are not dense but better than earlier.

    Rajesh Kumar

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