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Our clinic is located in New Delhi

If you want to visit our clinic then you need to registration to fix your appointment

Note: Registration charge is 20/- per patient

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Our Testimonials

  • Wow. What a magic. I have purchased this oil after reading the reviews. Its really working especially Hair fall stopped in 3 days and even no dandruff. Its been 8 days and also my hair looking blackish.

  • Used oil for over a month , But still hair fall continuing only during application of hair oil.. Despite this my hair roots are getting stronger…..i ll keep continuing till hair fall stops.

    Priya Tomar
  • I am using this hair oil since last 1 month. But while applying this oil I removed my hair 4-5 times (every week) for effective result. Now new hairs are growing at the patches where no hair was earlier. They are not dense but better than earlier.

    Rajesh Kumar

S.M.G Healthcare Ayurvedic Clinic