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How to use Ecostone Kit ?

Why operation in stone problem?

S.M.G Healthcare has brought Eco Stone Kit which only few days you will get rid of stones. Staphylococcus is one of the most serious diseases, due to incorrect eating stones complain. In particular, calculus work is done by drinking water. Due to this, patients have to face many problems. Problems like having abdominal pain, urine passing etc. The disease progresses when there is no right kind of food. People who have kidney stones, they unconsciously eat many such things, which increases their disease rather than work.

Let us tell you what should not be eaten in the disease of stone

Avoiding - Tomato seeds, raw rice, urad daal, brinjal seeds, seeds of bee seeds and moss fish should not be eaten. Suitable for food - Herbal tea, radish, coconut water, lemon, wheat, Vitamin-C, sugarcane juice, fiber-rich food, apple juice etc.


Eco Stone Churan take half a teaspoon morning after eating with Limca. Eco stone plus take half a teaspoon with Limca after dinner in the evening and drink five to no litters daily.


पथरी की समस्या का गारंटीड सफल इलाज आयुर्वेदिक द्वारा बिना ऑपरेशन के

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Our Testimonials

  • Wow. What a magic. I have purchased this oil after reading the reviews. Its really working especially Hair fall stopped in 3 days and even no dandruff. Its been 8 days and also my hair looking blackish.

  • Used oil for over a month , But still hair fall continuing only during application of hair oil.. Despite this my hair roots are getting stronger…..i ll keep continuing till hair fall stops.

    Priya Tomar
  • I am using this hair oil since last 1 month. But while applying this oil I removed my hair 4-5 times (every week) for effective result. Now new hairs are growing at the patches where no hair was earlier. They are not dense but better than earlier.

    Rajesh Kumar

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